our areas of expertise

Scenic Land Company is focused on three areas of development in Tennessee and Georgia.

multi-use development

Scenic Land Company strives to to create inclusive, connected communities where housing, businesses, restaurants, services, cultural facilities, green spaces and worship centers share the land. We believe our approach to human-scaled, multi-use design fosters positive and healthy interaction among community members.

commercial development

Scenic Land Company's approach to commercial development is to design specifically to each client's exact specifications while at the same time striving to identify the property's highest and best-use opportunities. Our intention is to create business environments that are comfortable, safe and productive.

residential development

Scenic Land Company develops planned residential communities for clients in various life stages and with price points. Quality design, materials and construction are the three features that set apart a Scenic Land Company development. Each community and home is carefully planned and designed to optimize both the financial investment and landscape for its highest use.