singing sisters falls

  • Location: Lookout Mountain, Georgia
  • Multi-use commercial and residential
  • 435 acres

Located on the southern spine of Lookout Mountain, Georgia, near the border of Alabama, Singing Sisters Falls consists of 435 acres of raw, undeveloped land. Scenic Land Company's objective with this land is to increase the value of the property by gaining access to a nearby community and its amenities, including its golf course, tennis courts, pool and pavilion. In addition, Scenic Land Company sought to acqire sewer rights and access to other utilities, as well as to provide access to Lookout Mountain Scenic Highway.

development challenges

  • To gain control of property with minimal investment prior to securing value enhancing components
  • To secure value enhancing components
  • To negotiate with Lookout Highlands HOA to remove property from their covenants and restrictions

development solutions

  • Acquired sewer rights, golf course access, highway access at 1/10th cost to develop the same features and components
  • Negotiated long-term option agreement with seller and owner financing with no recourse until critical features and components acquired
  • Property has been paid in full