We serve all aspects of real estate development.

Scenic Land Company provides real estate development services for each of our clients's unique set of requirements. Our services range from the inception of a project, through its development, financing and construction to its marketing and public relations. While the following items outline the general considerations of each project, we also understand that every development is unique designed with nuanced requirements and challenges.


Scenic Land Company provides a comprehensive planning process based on feasibility data, community input and governmental considerations. Our plans include clear objectives and recommendations for a successful marriage of people, landscape and structure.



Scenic Land Company provides specialized engineering services that include site planning, entitlement, preliminary budgeting and the complex process of obtaining required permits to initiate construction.



Scenic Land Company oversees and partners with a select group of architects and designers to realize the vision, budget and overall objectives of each of our clients and real estate projects. As developers and construction experts, we understand the healthy respect required between the design side and the build side.



Scenic Land Company incorporates value engineering in each of our real estate development projects in order to analyze and improve design and construction, as well as achieve an optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety and cost.



Scenic Land Company programs each of its real estate developments on a strong foundation and shared expectations that help avoid costly mistakes and delays. Our programming includes but is not limited to budget generation, schedule development, team assembly, contract negotiation, property evaluation, site selection, design management and value engineering.



The entitlement process is complicated, time consuming and can be costly. Scenic Land Company understands how to determine the real estate feasibility of each project and the legal method of obtaining approvals for the right to develop property for a specific uses.



Scenic Land Company manages the rezoning process of each project, taking into consideration the division of municipalities into residential, commercial, and industrial zones with the use of property within each district being reasonably uniform.



Scenic Land Company provides guidance and management of the permitting process. This critical step allows our clients to operate their businesses and perform construction activity. We ensure that throughout the process, each project's plans complies with the unique zoning regulations specific to each municipality.



Scenic Land Company provides legal services for each real estate development. We partner with legal teams which share a deep commitment to each segment of our industry, including office buildings, shopping centers and retail developments, universities and colleges, industrial and warehouse facilities, hotels and resorts, sport complexes, mixed-use developments, condominiums, hospitals, senior living and health care facilities.


sourcing FINANCING

Scenic Land Company understands that there are a variety of ways to source financing for a real estate development these days. With the emergence of non-bank lenders and a challenging regulatory environment, successful financing requires both an edge and an insight to ensure each project succeeds with minimum exposure and maximum return on investment.



Scenic Land Company understands that raising equity requires not just active ownership and well-positioned exits for investors. It also demands relationships with teams of investment bankers, private equity firms, family offices, business owners, strategic buyers and advisors. We step into each project and seek to discover, evaluate and potentially select various business opportunities to bring our clients' vision to life and provide investors with profitable returns.



The quality of infrastructural systems, from sewer packages to transportation easements, is one of the most important factors influencing a real estate investment and development decisions. Scenic Land Company provides a team of seasoned professionals well-versed in the intricacies of infrastructure development and management.



Scenic Land Company manages contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance for each of our real estate developments, all while reducing financial risk. Throughout the process, out objective is to help reduce costs and improve aspects of the development related to planning, design, contracting and construction.



Scenic Land Company works with federal, state and local bodies to build contractual arrangements between public agencies and private sector entities. Through this process, the skills and assets of the public and private parties are shared in delivering a services and facilities for the use and benefit of the community and investors.



Scenic Land Company works with federal, state, county and city government agencies, from the Department of Transportation to Water Works and Sewer Boards, to ensure expedient and cost-effective solutions are reached for each of our developments and their investors.



Scenic Land Company provides in-house marketing and promotions resources for each development as needed. Services include strategic planning, creative development and media planning and buying.



Scenic Land Company understands the value of developing and nurturing a positive public opinion of each development. That's why we offer public relations support from a team of communications experts in real estate development before, during and after the development horizon.



Building trust with the local community, city councils and governments is one of the cornerstones of each successful real estate development. Scenic Land Company works with local community relations experts in each of its real estate developments to foster understanding and trust from community to community.